Arizona Air Conditioning Maintenance & Repair Company

Iceman Cooling & Heating has many options for AC service in AZ to ensure the area’s residents have the care they need to stay cool and comfortable through the hottest summer days. We are a family owned and operated cooling and heating company with more than 15 years of experience, and you will notice our level of expertise when you contact us for service. If your cooling system goes out after normal business hours, you don’t have to worry! We take calls 24 hours a day for your convenience. To schedule maintenance services or air conditioning repair in Arizona, contact us today!

Air Conditioner Installation Service in Arizona

Iceman Cooling & Heating is here for you if you’re in need of Arizona air conditioner replacement! With every year of use, air conditioning and heating systems lose efficiency and their ability to cool effectively, and this process is hastened in the harsh Arizona sun. Here in AZ, we rely quite heavily on our air conditioning systems as they are essential not only to our indoor comfort, but also to our safety when the outdoor temperature reaches the triple digits. To help you get started if it’s time to upgrade or replace your cooling system, we offer financing options. For residential or commercial air conditioner installation in Arizona, contact us today!